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Hi there, I’m Asta, a soul deeply passionate about empowering other women to see just how gifted and beautiful they are while holding their hands as they take those very first steps out of fear into their power. You could also call me a transformational mentor, who loves to encourage women to live their most authentic lives. I do this through private coaching, group workshops, women's circles, speaking, writing, and Inner Circle Mastermind. I love what I do and the life I’ve built for myself, but there’s been a journey to get here…  


Prior this entrepreneurial journey, I spent 8 years in the logistics/ trucking industry as a safety department manager, making sure safety is always first. The first few years were fun, I was learning new things, getting new responsibilities, but then I started to feel that there should be more for me... I yearned to make a visible difference/result in what I do. 


And then I received my greatest wake-up call. 


One day, after an MRI test, I got the news from my doctor that I have a tumor. It turned my life upside down. I realized how precious life is and that my time on this earth is limited. I realized that I am not living my best life. I was just simply existing. Since that day I was constantly asking myself "what's now?", "how can I want to live my best life?", "what's my purpose?", "what do I stand for?", "what's next?" I was yearning for more and I was ready to do whatever it takes to live my life to the fullest. I started to enjoy and appreciate simple things on the daily basis. I took a deep dive into the world of self-development and the power of mindset. And then I started to actually live! 


But... there was still something missing.  

I knew that having the right mindset was the key to enjoying life to the fullest and I felt it was my mission to help others to wake up from "just existing" so they could start living their lives. Therefore, I knew I had to start sharing my message, but my fears and limiting beliefs held me back. I attended seminar after seminar, read tons of books, signed up for different programs, but my imposter syndrome was louder than my drive. I was over-educating myself, waiting for the time when I would be "perfect" and ready to start.

Finally... everything changed when I started to work with my first business and spiritual coach. She believed in me when I doubted myself, she kept me accountable, she showed me the first steps I needed to take when I had no idea where to start, and her support was the game changer!  


Therefore, I am on the mission to help you see your natural gifts and talents, uncover what's holding you back,  encourage you to take action, and START LIVING NOW! 


I’m here to help you change, grow, and take inspired action using your natural gifts. Please check out my offerings and reach out if you want to learn more.

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